Publications Authored by Roger D. McConchie: Articles for the ‘Libelletter’

Roger D. McConchie has also contributed articles concerning developments in Canadian law to the Libelletter, a periodical publication of the Media Law Resource Center, New York, N.Y., including the following:

  1. March, 2000 Libelletter, “Canadian Defamation Awards 1999
  2. LDRC 1999 Report on Trials and Damages, January 31, 1999, Issue No. 1 ISSN 0737-8130, article entitled “Canadian Media Defamation Damage Awards: July 1995 – December 1998“.
  3. July 1998 Libelletter, “Canada: Poll Reporting Restrictions Invalid“, pages 31-32
  4. February, 1998 Libelletter, “Privacy and Police Ride-Alongs, Media Trespass Voids Conviction“.