Consultation Services to Other Lawyers

A Primary Area of Practice
A primary area of practice is the provision of advice in our preferred areas of law directly to other domestic law firms or to foreign law firms, or to corporate in-house counsel.

Arrangements for consulting services may be ad hoc or on a continuing retainer, depending on the circumstances.

In litigation matters, McConchie Law Corporation can assist as counsel in pretrial or trial proceedings in British Columbia and Alberta (he is called to the bar in both jurisdictions) as well as in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Additionally, on a full-time or as-needed basis, McConchie Law Corporation can assist in the initial preparation, review or finalization of pleadings, motion materials, conduct of discoveries, case briefs, interlocutory or trial submissions, and appellate factums.

In this context, The firm also offers other law firms access to the “clients only” segment of this website which provides resource material. Clients are also entitled to receive periodic publications of McConchie Law Corporation Offices which provide timely legal updates in our preferred areas of practice.

Referrals by Other Law Firms

McConchie Law Corporation welcomes referrals from domestic or foreign law firms.

When domestic or foreign law firms refer clients, they will remain the permanent clients of the referring firm.

McConchie Law Corporation will give each referred client prompt attention, excellent advice and representation and make sure that each referred client returns happily to the referring law firm when services of McConchie Law Corporation are concluded.

Typically, McConchie Law Corporation recommends to the referred client and to the referring law firm that copies of written advice and/or litigation reports and fee accounts be sent to the referring law firm to ensure that it is kept duly informed about the progress of the matter.

For more detailed information about the terms and conditions upon which McConchie Law Corporation represents domestic or foreign individuals, corporations, partnerships or societies on a referral basis, please contact McConchie Law Corporation.