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2023 September 1
Docken and Guardian Law Group LLP v. Sandra Anderson and Susan Anderson, Docket No. 2201 08392, Calgary Judicial District, the Alberta Court of King’s Bench

The Alberta Court of King’s Bench, assessing defamation damages following a default judgment, ordered the defendants to pay defamation damages aggregating $6,655,000 over a website article.  The award to the individual plaintiff Docken consisted of $500,000 general damages, $50,000 aggravated damages and $5,000,000 punitive damages.  The award to Guardian Law Group consisted of $100,000 general damages, $5,000 aggravated damages, and $1,000,000 punitive damages.  [The formal entered Order of the Court is available from the Calgary Court Registry.  This judgment is referred to in later decisions: see paragraph 4 of 2023 ABKB 515 and paragraphs 6 and 7 of 2023 ABKB 661.]